Dicnei /di:kNei/ is a Completely New Language invented by me: Donald IfesinaChi Chijioke Nwokolo (Dicn), Founder of Yaahssogah.

Dicnei has NOT YET been made public but shall be made so, very likely the same day that Yaahssogah, my new Self-founded Religion, shall be made public or before it.

Dicnei is One of the Official Languages of the Yaahssogah Religion.

http://www.donald-ifesinachi-dicn.comhttp://www.yaahssogah.dicn.namehttp://www.igbo-naani.dicn.namehttp://www.fortheloveofthisnation.dicn.namehttp://www.dicnei.comhttp://www.shoppinginenugu.dicn.namehttp://www.igbotoenglish.dicn.namehttp://www.igbonamesandmeanings.dicn.namehttp://www.dicn.name —


Dicnei, The Language I Invented (Video with English Translation)- Donald IfesinaChi Chijioke Nwokolo (Dicn)

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